the girl.

Kenzie is a SAHM.

As a teen, she babysat a lot for family and friends, which naturally meant she had all the answers, so motherhood? Motherhood was going to be a piece of thickly frosted cake!


Before motherhood, Kenzie fell in love with her best friend – after he pushed her off of a cliff.

Well. Actually, it was a huge rock.

And she was dressed in mountain climbing gear.

Annnnd it wasn’t so much pushed as firmly coaxed off the edge.

He still keeps her on her toes!

A few years before meeting the love of her life, Kenzie was diagnosed with lupus: an autoimmune disease with no cure.

It took time to accept this new erality, but she realized sickness doesn’t define a person.

Before lupus, Kenzie blogged about the life of a twenty-something singleton. Said blog grew in populatity. A lot. And Kenzie wasn’t ready for that, so she deleted the blog and hid from the world.

During her retreat, she came to understand one thing very clearly…

Kenzie knows absolutley nothing about everything.